GR-400A Band Knife Splitting Machine

GR-400A Band Knife Splitting Machine
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GR-400A Band Knife Splitting Machine



The machine adapts to splitting the hard or soft leather symmetrically, which the width is less than 400mm and the thickness is less than 8mm, according to the required thickness in the industry of leather products .


  1. Indicate the splitting thickness by number,the infinitely variable adjustment of feeding.
  2. With automatic feed registration device, no need to adjust cutting tool.
  3. Adjust the clearance of pressure pad and cutting tool automatically to make the splitting precision much higher.
  4. Freestanding set of dust absorbing.
  5. Automatic pause system when leather material entangles in.
  6. Automatic detection system of electronic phase.
  7. The accurate rail makes the movement of flying wheel more reliable, and the replacement of band knife more easy, quick and convenient.
  8. Split different leather,pressure of splitting can be adjusted automatically.
  9. Finger safe protection set of 8mm thickness.
  10. Emery wheel grinding system will be much higher precision of knife-edge,more smooth section and more durable knife tool by using diamond grinding wheel.
Max width of split 400mm
Max thickness of split 8mm
Min thickness of split 0.15mm with top bar
0.5mm with top feed roll
Feeding speed Stepless timing
Specification of band knife 3570×50×0.8mm
Power of motor 3.5Kw
Exterior size 1300x1000x1140
Packing size 1500x1250x1270mm
Net weight 560Kg
Gross weight 650Kg